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Dec 2, 2012 3:00am PST
around. >> government agencies don't change fast. we changed on a dime on this one to do things that have never been done before. >> how would you sum up what happened at that town hall meeting? >> nobody knows what they were doing. they have no idea what to do. they're learning as they go along. that's why people were so angry. >> the storm causes the anger, okay. we're used to that. what we want to do is get past the anger to solutions and that's what we're working with people to do. >> reporter: with his power restored, robert is feeling better. >> you're satisfied? >> yes. >> you think they did a good job? >> yes, for a big city of 8 million people and you got service within a couple of days to a week, that's fast. >> reporter: as the rapid repair program enters its second week and contractors fan out, officials hope more homeowners will be as satisfied as in the weeks to come. randi. >> susan candiotti, thank you. >>> well, then there were two. this weekend alabama rolled over the georgia bulldogs 32-28 to earn a spot against undefeated notre dame in a big-time battle for t
Dec 1, 2012 3:00am PST
you go to the police with that? he said because, this is the crazy part. the government is out to get him. if they capture him, they'll kill him. it's clear he feels he's running out of options and the walls are closing in. >> how do you see this coming to an end? >> i don't have a crystal ball. >> you won't turn yourself in? >> i will not. >> either somehow you'll get away or the authorities come and get you. >> well, get away doesn't mean leave the country, it means that, number one, they'll find the murder of mr. fall. number two, the people of this country who are, by and large terrified to speak out, will start speaking out and something will change. but i will certainly not turn myself in and i will not quit fighting. >> authorities here in belize say that any talk that this is a government effort to try to kill him is, well, as crazy as it sounds. that is not true. this is a democratic nation. it is a nation that has a professional police force and it is only natural when your neighbor shows up dead that authorities would want to talk to you. they make the same request. the
Dec 1, 2012 4:00am PST
believe that absolute limited government works. i think the gop is going to have to go more towards a small government, economic populous message. >> as funny as it sounds, you were very clear about the ambiguity this week on you're not sure what republicans in congress stands for as it relates to fiscal issues. where would you like to see them go? >> i would like to see the gop be a limited government party. it makes the case that spending from washington doesn't actually help people. the younger voters actually think it does. the gop needs to make the case it doesn't. but, in particular, i think republicans need to understand that it is easier because of them and because of the democrats for a major corporation to go to washington with lobbyists and get loopholes in the law than it is to innovate. the gop needs to stop being the party of big business and start being the party of entreprene entrepreneurs. >> let's listen to something senator john mccain said this week about demographics and moving forward politically to try to grow the party and then we'll talk about it
Dec 2, 2012 4:00am PST
technological black hole. government and opposition blame each other for the outrage. >>> as fighting continues to rage, we continue to get new pictures out of the country in this amateur video. you can see families running as shells fall. opposition activists say more than 42,000 people have been killed since march last year. >>> hollywood star angelina jolie is speaking out about victims of the crisis in syria. she spoke to channel 4 news in london about war, the victims of rape and what refugees are telling her. >> you meet the people the moment they cross, and they immediately want to start talking. they want to know what's happening to their future. they want to participate. they want to put on record what's going on in the country. they want things not to be missed. they want know that one day they'll be able to go home and there will be accountability. >>> an attack on dionism. that's how benjamin netanyahu describes the upgrade to the palestinian authority to non-member observer state. netanyahu stays the move viemts agreements signed with the state of israel. they need only t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4